Mt Kailash From Lhasa

To each pilgrim Kailash speaks differently. Hindus cross the frozen mountain passes of India and Nepal to circle the peak that is Shiva’s throne and bath in the lake created from the Mind-Manas or Brahma. Buddhists journey from Ladakh, Bhutan, Nepal, Mongolia and every corner of Tibet to this holiest Mountain which they call “Kang Rinpoche” the “Precious Snow Mountain”. The Jain religion knows Kailash as Mount Asthapada and to the Bonpo followers of Tibet’s old pre-Buddhist beliefs; it is the “Nine-Storey Swastika Mountain”, the mystic soul of the entire region.

Start our trip to Tibet with a spectacular flight over the snowcapped mountains including Mt Kanchanjunga ,Mt Everest,Mt Makalu and many high mountains. 3 nights spending in Lhasa will be good acclimatization for further trip and we do have a great time to visit city’s main places: including Potala palace, Jokhang Temple, famous old monasteries and old and new markets.

After Lhasa trip, we start the trip on 4 wheel drive to Manasarovar lake then need to walk 3 days to circuit(Kora) of Mt Kailash which can be bit tough and challenging to cross Droma-La Pass(5635m). Along the highway we travel through some of the most amazing landscapes on Earth. We pass small Tibetan settlements, nomadic herdsmen wandering across the wide arid plains and awe-inspiring mountain peaks. Equally as fascinating is the wealth of cultural interest and there is plenty of opportunity to explore this side of Tibet.