About Us

Mactrek & Expedition (P) Ltd. is a fully registered trekking company and has access to Nepal’s remotest regions. We can organize treks to Nepal’s remotest regions or along the regular trails, with a full team or teahouses, for individuals or for groups. Trekking in Nepal can be for as long as for 2 months or as short as 2 days. It can be remote with few people, local or tourists or very sociable along the main trails with plenty of teahouses and facilities all the way. There are suitable trails for the super fit and those of you who prefer a gentler ramble. Do not think the Himalayas is only suitable for the hard and rugged, although those of you that are that way inclined can be more than challenged. We offer one of the most extensive adventure tour programs to Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet – from the popular Annapurna, Everest and Lhasa tours to the remote regions of Kanchenjunga, Mustang and Dolpo in Nepal and Mt. Kailash in Tibet. We are certain that your visit to any one of these destinations will be one you will remember not only for its beauty but also for our friendly and professional services. Through our unique tour packages you will also gain greater insight into the land and its people. With our attention to details, you will be able to concentrate on the challenges and enjoy the wilderness experience.
In addition to our extensive trekking and cultural programs, we also organize wildlife safari and bird-watching tours. Whatever your interests or needs may be, we have the resource and the experience, and most importantly, the commitment to meet your request. We respect and protect the natural and cultural environment in every region we visit. It is our belief that adventures travel will be a successful and rewarding experience only if all travelers share this philosophy. Board of Director